Monday, April 26, 2010

Parting Is Truly a Sweet Sorrow

A little more than a year ago, I parted with a job I thought would last a long time, one more victim of a wave of recession-induced layoffs in this country.

The following year’s journey turned out to be active and productive for me, despite occasional moments of fear. Three months later I started this blog and launched full steam into social media. I managed to keep my financial head above water later in the summer by doing freelance writing, editing and marketing. It didn’t replace having a job with benefits, but it was a good bridge. I became so busy, though, that I had to cut my blog activity from five posts a week to two.

Now that I am back in the world of the mostly employed, my focus has shifted to the matters at hand in my job each day. And, with a 3-hour round-trip commute each day, the time available to contribute my thoughts and expertise, as well as marketing efforts, to this blog has dwindled down to almost none. So, now I must part from this wonderful excursion in the world of blogging for my fellow post-layoff travelers.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed ideas, comments, kudos or complaints since I started One Tomato at a Time in June 2009. You have been great.

Please look for me on LinkedIn if you would like to continue the conversation. One Tomato at a Time will not disappear, but rather go into a dormant stage, since the information remains relevant and is completely searchable. I invite you to share the link and individual posts you found most useful with friends and colleagues who are struggling through the process of picking up the pieces after a layoff.

My best wishes to all.


  1. Cynthia -- as a communications management and public relations practitioner in Toronto, I looked forward to your posts. It has helped me through my time of transition and has provided hope and inspiration. I am now planning to build my own practice in hopes of having "some" control of the future. Best of luck. Let's connect on LinkedIn -- our backgrounds are similar.

    - Sheldon

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  4. I know layoff is tragic... but then life moves on... I would say tanks for sharing this info... neat!!